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Tiny Land

Royal Blue Wood Dye/Stain (100ml)

Royal Blue Wood Dye/Stain (100ml)

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The Original Tiny Land wood stain accept no imitations.

Our original Royal Blue wood stain/dye. Each jar contains 100ml of dye and has a plastic lid to prevent any rusting. 

Our wood Dye/stain complies with all relevant UKCA requirements and is EN71 (1-3)certified for use on children’s toys, which certificates are available on request. Making these ideal for toy makers. 

All our dyes/stains are water based and created in the UK in rural Mid Wales. All of our dyes are created using food grade ingredients and free from chemical solvents. Making them a more friendly option for wood crafters and professionals alike. They are useable for a variety of uses including crafts, water colours as well as dying wood, rice, peas and even dough. Our dye/stain is free from allergens and binders making it a far purer product for everyone. 

How to use our wonderful products 

Step 1- Make sure all wood is clean free from dust and fully prepared. 
Step 2- Brush on the dye/stain or you can use a sprayer, roller, sponge or even dip into the dye. Making the colouring process very quick. 
Step 3- However you choose to apply the dye/stain is upto you they all achieve the same end result of fully saturating the porous wood giving you a even finish. 
Step 4- Apply as many coats as you like depending on the depth of the colour you’d like the more coats you do the darker/deeper the colour will become. 
Step 5- Apply our natural plant based sealant to give your design a water resistant finish and make it easier to clean and reduce colour transfer. 

It really is as simple as that, Our dyes are fast drying and are touch dry in under 30 minutes (depending on temperature, cooler temperatures may take slightly longer). 

Our dyes/stains are created using azo synthetic dyes, we use these dyes as they are used widely in food production and we all more than likely consume them regularly. We choose to use these dyes as they offer very reliable results and offer a much brighter vibrant colour. They also offer more colour fastness and stability giving you much more flexibility. 

All toys would require a top coat and this is for many reasons including to reduce colour transfer, make the toys easier to clean, comply with toy safety regulations and much much more. 

Tips for Application

1. Try to use a table covering to prevent stains to your working area.                                                                   2. Wear gloves to prevent dying your hands although the dye will come out with soap.                                   3. A drying rack to stack your items on whilst drying. 

Extra Details

All our products are free from the main 13 allergens including dairy, gluten etc. 

All our ingredients are vegan friendly. 

We recommend that all of our products have a shelf life of at least 24 months but usually last a lot longer. 

We have changed the lids to a more sustainable lid that will not rust over time giving you a longer lasting product. 

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